Areous fights for the feature of his country Nigeria

Areous fights for the feature of his country Nigeria

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collaborizm logo is an online tech incubator that is aiding underprivileged innovators to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. With most of its user base coming from the Eastern hemisphere, and more specifically, Asia and Africa, Collaborizm is changing the lives of millennials in poorer parts of the world, and has actually inspired somewhat of a quasi-religious movement in some of its users.

Here is one story about Areous Ahmadtj, a native Nigerian, who is now on a mission to spread the word about Collaborizm to other young innovators by contacting local universities. Here is Areous’ story.

areous ahmadtj tiiktech
areous ahmadtj tiiktech

Areous grew up in Jos, Nigeria, aka, “J-Town”, where he had to contend with many struggles due to lack of educational resources, technology, and electricity. In spite of these obstacles, Areous taught himself graphic design and programming with the help of his older brother Nas, a computer science student. Areous recalls one of his first lessons with Nas: “He (Nas) said that computer programming language is made of ‘IF AND ELSE IF’. I was a little kid at the time and didn’t really understand what he meant. A big problem I faced then was having no Internet access so my learning process was so slow.”

Therefore, when Areous came across Collaborizm, a platform which enables anyone from across the world to build projects and meet other makers, he was instantly hooked — this platform was giving him access to things he had never had access to before.

The idea of this journey started whilst sitting in his room thinking deeply about a project he had started several months prior on the Collaborizm platform, Taking Collaborizm to Students. Living in Nigeria, it was clear to him, being a student himself, that there were a lot of students that wanted to make something of their lives, but had no way to do so. Collaborizm offered that opportunity; however, most Nigerians were not aware of it. “This was the motivation I needed to get myself off the ground and go to the 5 best universities in Nigeria, and gp on from there”, says Areous.

Areous said “I do what I do because I thing my people lives would be better with collaborizm it may happen slow but will definitely happen.”

Areous is a developer, graphic designer and 3d modeler

Areous contacts collaborizm profile= fb=itzareous ig,twitter=itz_areous. THE ARTICLE CREDIT



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